What is Dressage?

Dressage, (meaning ‘training’) is the harmonious development of the physique and ability of the horse. It makes the horse calm, supple, loose and flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen, with a perfect understanding with his rider.

These qualities, which are fundamental to all disciplines, are:

  • Freedom and regularity of the paces
  • Harmony, lightness and ease of the movements
  • Lightness of the forehand
  • Engagement of the hind quarters, originating in a lively impulsion
  • Acceptance of the bridle,
  • Submissiveness throughout, without any tension or resistance.

A Dressage Event is composed of one or more competitions between individual mounted competitors, performing specified Dressage tests.

The levels of test available are:

  • Walk/Trot
  • Preparatory
  • Preliminary
  • Novice
  • Elementary
  • Medium

Performance Cards are required for official dressage

What is Combined Training?

Combined Training, is a two phase competition, Dressage with a Showjumping Course.

The Dressage and Jumping Tests, which make up a Combined Training Competition must be taken in that order.

Riders are graded by their dressage Grading or Age for level A, B or C. A change in individual Dressage grading will be reflected in Combined Training in the Dressage Level. Riders choose their own Showjumping height.

Individual Showjumping levels have no bearing on Combined Training. 

Rules & Tests

  • Rules for Dressage & Combined Training - 2019
  • As at January 1st 2019 jump heights for Combined Training Official Programs will be:
  • 13 to 26 Year Age Group Jump Heights to be 60cm, 80cm and 95cm in Preliminary, Novice and Elementary
  • 12 & Under has one height – 60cm
  • 10 & Under has one height – 50cm 


Dressage Judging

Below are some resources related to Dressage Judging:

Dressage - General Information

Below are some fact sheets on Dressage:

PCAQ Dressage & Combined Training Sub-Committee

Each zone nominates one member to serve on the Dressage & Combined Training Sub-Committee. 

Chairperson: Sarah Standon Zone 18
 Secretary:  Megan Wray  Zone 7
Judges Co-Ordinator: Kay Paulsen Zone 2
Members: Carmen Coombs Zone 1
 Amber Bromiley Zone 2
 Owanna Francisca  Zone 3
 Alice James  Zone 4
Kelly Sturgess Zone 5
 Beryl Burkhardt Zone 6
Leah Frohloff Zone 8
Heather Davidson Zone 9
Tracey Camilleri Zone 10
Dee-Ann Dunsworth Zone 11
Fay Hawke Zone 15
 Julie Sheppard Zone 18
Annette Howarth Zone 26
Megan Hunt Zone 27
Cindy Coggan Zone 28

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